Kesalahan dalam Mempersiapkan Keuangan untuk Masa Depan

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24 Jan, 2015

Beberapa orang masih mengabaikan pentingnya persiapan keuangan untuk masa depan. Mereka hanya menjaga pengeluaran tanpa tabungan. Memiliki pekerjaan tetap dengan penghasilan yang baik membuat mereka berasumsi bahwa mereka akan memiliki masa depan yang cerah. Akhirnya, mereka tidak membuat rencana pensiun dan menolak mempersiapkan keuangan untuk masa depan. Nah, besok tidak pernah dijanjikan, kan? Apakah Anda ingin memiliki masa depan yang baik? Hindari kesalahan di bawah ini dalam mempersiapkan keuangan masa depan.


Tidak menentukan tujuan dan pos-pos

Untuk bertahan hidup secara finansial di masa depan, Anda harus membuat rencana dan menetapkan tujuan. Pastikan Anda memiliki tujuan tertentu di masa depan yang bahkan perlu ditulis dengan jelas. Anda harus membuat daftar tujuan Anda tentang bagaimana Anda akan menggunakan uang Anda. Mungkin, itu untuk anak-anak Anda untuk masuk universitas top. Tujuan lainnya adalah untuk membangun sebuah rumah impian, membayar tagihan medis, dan lain-lain.

Tidak mencari penghasilan tambahan

Dari mana sumber penghasilan Anda? Ketika datang ke persiapan keuangan, Anda harus memiliki sumber ganda atau beberapa pendapatan. Selain pekerjaan Anda, sumber mungkin pasangan Anda juga. Beruang dalam pikiran, Anda tidak bisa hanya mengandalkan satu sumber untuk mempersiapkan pensiun dan masa depan. Menghasilkan lebih banyak uang dari investasi, seperti belajar forex, properti, atau emas.

Tidak mendiskusikannya dengan keluarga

Sebagai tambahan, Anda tidak harus melakukannya sendiri jika Anda sudah memiliki keluarga. Bicaralah dengan pasangan Anda tentang rencana untuk memiliki masa depan yang lebih baik. Bicara padanya tindakan apa yang Anda berdua perlu Anda ambil untuk memastikan bahwa keluarga Anda tidak akan kehabisan uang di masa depan.

What to Do during Office Break?

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21 Jan, 2015

What do you do during office break? Do you only use this time to have lunch? If you do, do not you feel bored with this activity? If you answer yes, you should do fun things like mentioned below:


Call your spouse

I often do this because I believe that calling spouse in office break is one of the effective ways to keep communication with her. I usually give more attention to my wife, especially if when knowing that my sweetheart is pregnant couple weeks ago. If you are married, you should know ciri ciri orang hamil at Saya Cantik, so you can give more attention to your wife.

Listen to favorite songs

Do you like music? If you do, listen to your favorite songs. By doing this, you can release stress and get in the mood. If you have a private workroom, you can use sound system, but avoid doing this if you work together with your colleague in one workroom. It is better to use headset, okay!

Chat with colleagues

Invite your colleagues to chat together. Discuss fun things, like soccer, culinary, fashion, idol, and so on. Keep in mind not to speak as you like. You must keep your speak so you do not offend feeling and trigger conflict. Also give good suggestions and advices if they ask. Then, pay attention to break time duration. Avoid taking extra break. If this happens, be ready to be scolded by your boss.

Hopefully, by doing fun things above, you can enjoy office break. :)

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Tips on Choosing a Part-time Job

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18 Jan, 2015


Working part-time no harm is done when the salary is obtained from the main job insufficient or wants to help parents to pay their own tuition. The most important thing is that you can manage your time well so that part-time work does not interfere with your main job. Interested? Here are tips for choosing part-time work:

  • Select flexible. Make sure that the selected job offers flexibility of time. In a sense, you can run it at any time without time-bound. Being a forex trader as suitable for you to consider. To be successful trading, you are required to deepen the knowledge of forex first. Please learn forex gratis

  • Select an existing shift work. If you want to work part-time, you should choose a job that offers a work shift. Such jobs are usually offered by restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, and so forth.

  • Select on the basis of a hobby. What are your hobbies? Your hobby can be used as guidelines to have a part-time job. If you like writing, yes you can become a freelance writer. If your hobby is reading, try searching in the library or bookstore there not a part-time job. Working on the basis of a hobby of course does not make you depressed. Instead you will feel very happy and satisfied because getting two benefits at once, can money and can live a hobby.

  • Select on the basis of skill. Try digging what skills you have. Such skills can be used as the basis for choosing to work part time. If you are skilled in baking, try to find a job in pastry shops. Similarly, when you are skilled in playing music, you can become a private tutor.


Fun Activities to Do at Home

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12 Jan, 2015

When having leisure time on weekend in the home what will you need to do? Do you want to simply rest? Paying leisure time to rest is not a large package, particularly if you require more hours to relax the body and are genuinely exhausted. Like performing activities like stated below to make pleasant weekend should you do not feel drained, you are doing beneficial factors:



This activity can be carried out at home only when you have a swimming pool. This activity is great to be able to elevate body to coach respiratory and your arm muscles. Take into account to warm up which means you do not get cramp when swimming before swimming. Ultimately, try this hobby for 10 units each day as well as in the evening. For more information, visit

Performing gymnastic

Programs were frequently transmitted by some Television programs each morning. You follow and could observe coaches on Television to simplify gymnastic moves to be determined by one. And this exercise produces strengths follow possible together with the activities.

Doing yoga

This really is among the easiest activities that may be performed in the home. Choose the best part for the reason that area so you give attention to the mind and can breathe oxygen and you merely have to make an area. In order to avoid losing target, switch off or stimulate setting that is quiet in your tools. Try this sport. Study demonstrates by performing yoga frequently, you get disposition back will get rid anxiety not to mention sustain health.

Preferably, by performing these activities, you will have fun along with your time that is free may well be less unqualified.

Family Holiday? Choose This Transportation

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05 Jan, 2015

Family gathering should not be done at home parent or oldest brother alone but can also at vacation destinations. It would be much more exciting. In fact, the benefits that will be gained is far more capable of whom is able to relieve stress, prevent heart disease, closer to family, and many more.

In order for your family vacation goes smoothly, you are required to make preparations ranging from holiday destinations, accommodation, up to the location of shopping. Transportation is also an important factor that you need to prepare. Already setting up transportation for a family vacation? If not here are some alternative transportation family vacation that you can consider:

Suzuki Elf

Other than that, you can also rent Suzuki Elf for a family vacation. Suzuki Elf generally have two types namely Suzuki Elf Short that can accommodate 14 people and Suzuki Elf Long that can accommodate 15 to 20 people. Which type you choose must depend on the total family members who go on holiday.


What is the total of your family are going on vacation? If more than 25 people, it would be better if you hire buses. By doing so, you and your family will feel comfortable during the trip because there is overcrowding.

Toyota Alphard

If the total family members who are going on holiday about 7 till 8 people, you could consider renting Toyota Alphard. Alphard luxury and comfort of the interior will give a distinct impression during the trip.

May be useful to you. You could consider hiring transport DaCentro mentioned above. Visit the official website for more info.

Before Consuming at Cafe

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03 Jan, 2015

At the moment, there are lots of restaurants as you are able to find. At least, you will find significantly more than five restaurants in a town. These restaurants provide beverages and numerous tasty meals with affordable costs. Anyhow, would you intend to consume at cafe within the small amount of time? Choose the best one when you have. Besides, before eating at cafe, it is more straightforward to do these:


Check your finances

Examining your finances is definitely a thing since this can help you anticipate quantity of cost when consuming at cafe that you ought to do. This really is truly helpful particularly, when getting buddies your households, or partner to consume together. You are able to make enough cash after understanding cost estimation. When you have BCA charge card, you obtain price reductions and can consume at particular restaurants.

Find the restaurant area that is correct

If you like to create buddies your household members, or partner, you need to find the correct restaurant area. Which means that you need to discover proper, stunning, distinctive, intimate area cozy and so that your precious people content when consuming at that cafe. If today Indonesia live or visit, you have to visit with restaurants in Bali, like Barbacoa, Bow Bali, Bella Cucina, etc. To ease you to book these hotels, visit MakanLuar.

Select a restaurant that provides selections that are numerous

You certainly do not wish to purchase each time to exactly the same selections you consume at restaurant? Consequently, you need to choose to help you have selection choices to select a cafe that provides numerous selections. When you have this is very helpful to reduce the dangers of having sensitivity.

If you like to possess your meal at magnificent and pricey restaurants last although not least, make great fabric.

Tips Liburan Hemat

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31 Dec, 2014


Liburan merupakan hal yang sangat menyenangkan sebab dengan liburan Anda bisa lebih santai. Anda bisa liburan di dalam atau di luar negeri, seperti Malaysia, Singapura, Jepang, Korea, dan lain sebagainya. Liburan memang membutuhkan biaya yang cukup besar karena harus membayar biaya makan, penginapan/hotel, transportasi, dan lain-lain. Jika ingin liburan tetapi tidak memiliki biaya yang cukup, jangan khawatir karena Anda bisa berlibur dengan aman, tetapi dengan syarat harus hemat. Apabila Anda bisa berhemat, biaya yang dikeluarkan tidak akan terlalu besar. Berikut tips liburan hemat yang bisa Anda lakukan:
a. Pilih waktu yang bukan saat liburan
Anda bisa menghindari waktu berlibur dengan tidak memilih musim liburan sebab hal ini bisa membuat Anda mengeluarkan biaya yang cukup mahal. Orang yang menjalankan bisnisnya akan menaikkan harga tiket di tempat wisata pada saat musim liburan.

b. Cari tempat liburan yang dekat
Usahakan untuk mencari lokasi liburan yang dekat dengan daerah Anda agar biaya yang dikeluarkan tidak terlalu besar, seperti biaya tiket pesawat atau transportasi. Misalnya, jika Anda tinggal di Jakarta, Anda bisa mengunjungi monas, TMII, Dufan, dan lain sebagainya.

c. Cari tiket promo
Jika Anda ingin liburan ke luar kota dan memilih untuk naik pesawat, maka ada baiknya untuk mencari tiket promo agar biaya yang dikeluarkan tidak terlalu banyak. Anda bisa mencari informasi dengan cara browsing di internet tentang maskapai penerbangan mana saja yang menyediakan tiket promo.

Nah, Anda bisa memilih waktu yang bukan saat liburan, mencari tempat liburan yang dekat, dan mencari tiket promo agar Anda bisa jalan-jalan tanpa harus menguras isi kantong. Rancanglah liburan Anda dari jauh hari agar bisa memberikan hasil yang baik dan bisa memberikan kesan baik bagi Anda.

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Luluhkan Hati Pasanganmu dengan Ini

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05 Dec, 2014

Bagaimana caramu menjaga hubungan dengan yang terkasih? Setiap orang mungkin punya jurus tersendiri. Bagi yang sudah lama berpacaran, mungkin ini bukanlah perkara sulit karena sudah mereka sudah kenal betul watak dan keinginan sang pacar. Nah, yang baru saja merajut hubungan mungkin mendapati kesulitan. Maybe, si dia masih cuek-cuek sama kamu?

Ini dia empat hal yang bisa kamu lakukan untuk meluluhkan hatinya dan membuat ia terkesan:

Tunjukkan album fotonya yang telah Anda koleksi

Cara pertama yaitu menunjukkan sebuah album atau bingkai yang berisikan gambar-gambar dirinya yang telah Anda kumpulkan sejak lama. Foto tersebut bisa diambil tanpa sengaja atau dipinta dari teman-teman dekatnya. Sang kekasih pasting merasa sangat kagum dengan apa yang kamu lakukan tersebut.

Beri kejutan yang tidak terduga

Kejutan untuk orang tercinta tidak harus di hari ulang tahunnya, bukan? Tidak perlu menunggu momen spesial, seperti ulang tahunnya atau anniversary kalian. Sesekali bolehlah beri kejutan yang tidak terduga. Misalnya, di pagi hari, kamu sudah memasakkan sarapan pagi untuknya. Contoh lainnya yaitu menaruh bunga dan ucapan di meja kerjanya sebelum ia tiba di kantor. Kebayang bagaimana reaksinya?

Duduk santai sambil melihat sunset bersama

Waktu yang berkualitas itu sangat diperlukan untuk menciptakan hubungan yang romantis. Di akhir pekan atau hari libur, ajaklah ia ke pantai untuk bersenang-senang bersama untuk menciptakan quality time tersebut. Lihatlah keindahan sunset di Kuta, Bali.


Makan malam romantis

Terakhir, luluhkan hati pasanganmu dengan makan malam romantis yang dikelilingi dekorasi, kelap-kelip lilin, dan alunan musik. Bukan tidak mungkin Anda akan semakin dicintai sang pacar karena sudah bersedia mempersiapkan dinner yang sedemikian rupa hanya demi dirinya. Pastikan juga obrolan kalian menarik dan menu yang dipesan sedap. Tambahan lagi, perhatikan pula penampilanmu sebelum berkencan. Kunjungi SayaCantik untuk dapat tips dan trik perawatan.